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feat: gomodsri Signed-off-by: jolheiser <john.olheiser@gmail.com>
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+title = "gomodsri"
+summary = "Using taislcale/nardump to generate a go module SRI without building first"
+date = 2024-03-10
+category = "Nix"
+### The problem
+When building a Go module with `nix`, generally one uses `buildGoModule`. One thing this shares with other builders in the nix ecosystem is `vendorHash` (or similar name).
+Although there _have_ been various workarounds, there's usually no getting around some variation of building, noting the "expected" new hash, and replacing the hash with the correct one before building works for real.
+### The solution
+Now, admittedly I am borrowing this idea from [tailscale](https://tailscale.com). I simply wrapped it in a (nu)shell command for easier usage more generically.
+The original idea combines the command [nardump](https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/tree/ad33e47270509345469af795aed65177df88904e/cmd/nardump) with the [vendoring](https://pkg.go.dev/cmd/go#hdr-Make_vendored_copy_of_dependencies) ability of Go modules to predict the `vendorHash`. Put together, it can look something like the following:
+- [update-flake.sh](https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/blob/ad33e47270509345469af795aed65177df88904e/update-flake.sh#L9-L10)
+# [...] setting up a tempdir
+go mod vendor -o "$OUT"
+go run tailscale.com/cmd/nardump --sri "$OUT" >go.mod.sri
+# [...] cleanup
+- [flake.nix](https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/blob/ad33e47270509345469af795aed65177df88904e/flake.nix#L69) 
+pkgs.buildGoModule {
+  # ...
+  vendorHash = pkgs.lib.fileContents ./go.mod.sri;
+  # ...
+I've modified it locally to use across other projects as the following nushell function:
+def gomodsri [] {
+  let tmp = (mktemp -d)
+  go mod vendor -o $tmp
+  let sri = (go run tailscale.com/cmd/nardump@latest --sri $tmp)
+  $sri | save -f go.mod.sri
+  rm -rf $tmp
+  echo 'nixpkgs.lib.fileContents ./go.mod.sri'
+<small>Yes, the echo at the end is because I always forget the invocation otherwise...</small>